Rancho San Joaquin is a master-planned condominium community centrally located in Irvine, California.  Built in 1974 and designed by Sam Kiyotoki, along with Richard Leitch and Stan Bell, RSJ's award-winning architecture mimics the California Craftsman architecture along with hints of a Japanese tea house with its clean lines and exaggerated roof eaves and support beams.

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Short-Term Rentals Not Allowed

Short-term rentals of whole homes or rooms are PROHIBITED in our HOA community per City of Irvine Zoning Section 3-25-3.A  The city may issue the homeowner administrative fines of $1,500 each day with the possibility of it leading to a misdemeanor.

If you believe a short-term rental is operating in our HOA community, contact the City of Irvine's 24/7 Code Enforcement Hotline at 949-724-6326.  You may also submit a complaint online at https://user.govoutreach.com/irvineca.

Planning a Home Renovation or Other Improvements?

Before you begin, visit our ARC/Home Improvement page to find out if you need to submit an HOA Architectural Application.  Not submitting an application & getting approval beforehand may delay your project and result in an HOA violation and possible fines.

DO NOT dispose of construction debris in our dumpsters and enclosures!  Renovation debris such as toilets, cabinets, appliances, sinks, large boxes, drywall, and wood MUST NOT be disposed in our trash & recycling dumpsters.  This violates our HOA rules and homeowners will be subject to a fine.

Instead homeowners may rent a temporary dumpster from Waste Management. Learn more