Parking Enforcement

Note on Homeowner Vehicle Registrations & Permits:  All vehicles belonging to HOA residents must be registered by Patrol Masters by completing & signing the Patrol Masters Virtual Parking Permit form, which you can download from our website.

The completed form may be mailed, faxed or emailed to Patrol Masters, as noted on the form.  Those homeowners who need to apply for a permit to park overnight in the common area parking should use the same Parking Permit form from Patrol Masters.

Patrol Masters has been contracted by the Rancho San Joaquin HOA to issue and track resident parking permits and overnight guest parking as well as to enforce the parking rules specified the HOA Rules & Regulations and CC&Rs.

Vehicles belonging to RSJ residents that are parked between 12:00am and 6:00am in common area open parking must be permitted by Patrol Masters. Unpermitted vehicles will be subject to cite and/or tow.  Resident vehicles parked in a garage, carport or driveway do not need to be permitted.

Guest vehicles parked in guest parking or an HOA street between 12:00am and 6:00am need to be safelisted by Patrol Masters This means the resident provides Patrol Masters with information about their guest's vehicle so that it will not be in violation and cited and/or towed.  (Note that vehicles may park on San Joaquin Drive overnight, any time, which is overseen by the city of Irvine, not the HOA.)

When does a car get towed?
Patrol Masters patrols our HOA community each night. If a car is found parked overnight between 12:00am and 6:00am that's not safelisted, they will issue a parking citation. If the same car is found parked overnight again that's still not safelisted, a second citation will be issued.

If the same car is found parked overnight a third time and it's still not safelisted – and it already has two citations issued within the past 180 days – Patrol Masters will have the car towed.


How to Safelist a Guest Vehicle for Temporary Overnight Parking in Guest Parking

Each RSJ household (i.e., the combined group of residents living at the RSJ home) is allowed a maximum of 16 overnights for guest vehicles in a 60-day rolling time period in guest parking. This can be 16 nights for the same vehicle or a total of 16 nights for different vehicles that's requested by a resident from the RSJ household. 

Follow these steps to safelist your guest's car for temporary overnight parking in HOA guest parking:

  1. Visit and click Safelist at the top.
  2. Enter your guest vehicle's license plate number and Irvine for the city, then click Next.
  3. Click on "RANCHO SAN JOAQUIN" in the list of associations.
  4. Complete the guest vehicle information in the form that appears (i.e., Model, Make, etc), then click Login.
  5. Enter your Patrol Masters user name and password.  If you do not yet have a user account, click Sign Up to create an account.
  6. Once you log in, select one or more dates on the calendar for which you want to safelist your guest's vehicle.  Make sure each date you select is highlighted.
  7. Click to safelist the vehicle.  The website will then display a confirmation number which means the vehicle is safelisted for the specified dates.

For questions on Patrol Masters' Safelist parking program, contact Patrol Masters at 877-648-0602, or visit their website at

Note: There is No HOA Parking Restrictions on San Joaquin Drive

San Joaquin Drive is not part of our HOA and is overseen by the City of Irvine and the Irvine Police Department for parking enforcement.  RSJ residents and their guests may park along San Joaquin Drive, any time -- BUT drivers should follow the parking rules posted on the City of Irvine parking signs which are posted along the street.

RSJ residents and their guests do not need to obtain an HOA parking permit nor safelist their guest's car when parking along San Joaquin Drive.