HOA Board & Committees

The Board of Directors is the governing body, elected by the homeowners in the Rancho San Joaquin Homeowners Association (HOA), to oversee the business affairs of the HOA. The Board establishes the rules and regulations, approves the annual budget, oversees the maintenance of the common areas, enforces the governing documents (CC&R's, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation) and is the decision-making body for all HOA business.

Our Rancho San Joaquin Board of Directors are:

  • Mari Fujii, President
  • Dale McIntyre, Vice President
  • Cynthia Peterson, Treasurer
  • Ray Gilinsky, Secretary
  • Jim Schulz, Member-at-Large
The Board of Directors usually meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings start at 6:00 pm which includes the Homeowners Forum where homeowners are welcome to offer input by speaking up to 3 minutes each. 

View our Event Calendar to note the Board of Directors meeting date each month.

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Homeowners are welcome to observe the meeting. Only board members may discuss & vote on agenda items.  The Executive Session meeting is closed to homeowners (unless invited to a hearing) and usually begins at 5:00 pm.

HOA Committees

All Rancho San Joaquin homeowner are encouraged to join and participate in our HOA committees.  To join a committee contact our property manager.

Architectural Committee
Donald Cotter, Chair
Charlotte Bennett
Abigail Chiesa

Finance Committee
Cynthia Peterson, Chair
Cathey Bertot
Dorothy Schaller
Barbara Stamp

Landscape Committee
Mari Fujii, Chair
Sharen Gasior
Sonia Kouyoumdjian

Maintenance Committee
Frank Ortlieb, Chair
Jim Fullenkamp
Dennis Gimian