ARC/Home Improvement Application

All homeowners must submit an HOA Architectual (ARC) application (Property Improvement Application) and have it approved BEFORE any re-modeling, demolition, or installation work can begin.

DO NOT dispose of construction debris in our dumpsters!  Renovation debris such as toilets, cabinets, sinks, drywall, wood MUST NOT be disposed in our trash & recycling dumpsters.  This violates our HOA rules and is subject to a fine.

Instead homeowners may rent a temporary dumpster from Waste Management. Go here to learn more

An ARC application is required for approval for the following -- before you begin your project:

+ The outside frame color for windows, patio sliders, and screen doors must be dark bronze (dark brown) from the manufacturer. DO NOT order white or other frame color (other than dark bronze) for windows, patio sliders, or screen doors, then paint the frames dark brown! Garage doors must be painted to match our HOA paint color for garage doors - see Approved Paint Colors under HOA Documents.

++ Concrete pavers must be of a specific paver design and color, and requires a signed indemnity agreement. Read our HOA Paver Policy and Rules document

+++ EV charging stations require additional information & forms, including city permit, insurance and signed license agreement, BEFORE installation. Read our HOA Electric Vehicle Charging Policy document

++++ Sun shade or retractable awning MUST be mounted under the roof eave, NOT on the roof! If mounted on the roof, the homeowner will be required to remove it at their cost, plus pay for any damages to the roof.

+++++ Skylights MUST be a curb-mounted model, and not a self-flashing model on our slope shingle roofs.

++++++ Solar panels requires additional information & forms, including insurance, drawings, a solar site survey (on shared stack building roofs), and a signed indemnity agreement, BEFORE installation. Read our HOA Solar Panel Rules document

An ARC application is NOT required for cosmetic interior changes such as painting or wallpapering; adding or replacing moldings or baseboards; installing or replacing carpeting; or replacing bedroom, closet, or bathroom doors.  Installing interior tile or wood flooring also does not require an ARC application for townhomes and ground-level stack condos.

City permit and earthquake straps required for hot water heaters:  The State of California requires that all water heaters must be strapped for earthquakes. All hot water heater installations also require a permit from the city of Irvine by visiting their Building & Permits webpage

City of Irvine Building Permits and Inspections Also Required

Almost all of the above items require a city of Irvine building permit and pass inspection, which is required for final approval of your ARC application.  Homeowners who skip applying for required permits and inspections may see their renovation project delayed, or even halted by the city of Irvine building inspector. ☹.

Homeowners (or their contractor, electrician, or plumber) may apply for the appropriate city permits and inspections by visiting the city of Irvine's Building & Safety webpage:

NOTE:  Please work with an experienced & licensed contractor, plumber, and/or electrician to ensure proper building permits and inspections are obtained.  Don't "go cheap" and hire an inexperienced or unlicensed handyman, contractor, plumber, or electrician and skip obtaining permits & inspections -- which usually ends up costing you more in the end!

Need more reasons why you should get city permits?

Bypassing permits for your remodeling project may affect your home insurance, resale value, and your ability to refinance your mortgage.  Read "What Happens if You Get Caught Remodeling without a Permit".

How to Submit an ARC Application for Approval

Be sure to complete ALL required sections of our HOA's Property Improvement (ARC) application before submitting it, including obtaining the neighboring homeowner signatures and attaching relevant drawings & measurements and manufacturer spec sheets.

Once you complete the ARC application, submit it by email to:

  • RSJ HOA Architectural Committee
    [email protected]

    (If wishing to drop off paper-copies of the completed application and supporting documents & drawings, email [email protected] to request a drop-off date & time.)
Tip:  The more details you provide with your application, the faster your application will be reviewed by the Architectural Committee.  Missing details, manufacturer product specifications, drawings and/or measurements, or an incomplete application including missing neighboring homeowner signatures will prevent the committee from completing its review of your application and delay its approval.

Please allow up to 30 days for your application to be processed and reviewed by our HOA's Architectual Committee.  Once the committee reviews your application, you will review a notice either by email or letter on whether your application was approved or denied.  If it was denied, further details will be included.

If after 30 days, you have not received status on your ARC application, you may email the HOA Architectural Committee at [email protected] to obtain a status.